Riparian, Riverine, and Estuarine Restoration

NRS helps to rehabilitate urban, rural, and wildland reaches of north coast stream systems to restore naturally functioning stream, floodplain, and estuarine habitat. This is accomplished through a variety of approaches and steps, initiating with outreach and assessment, funding acquisition, feasibility planning, design development & permitting, and the sensitive implementation of each restoration project.  NRS develops appropriate levels of plans, feasibility studies, conceptual designs, and construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates. NRS is a licensed contractor and also provides construction oversight and monitoring. Stream projects are designed and implemented to improve hydrologic function, in-stream habitat complexity, riparian values, reduce flood damage, control erosion, reduce invasive plant species, and often to enhance recreational values as well. NRS has designed and implemented numerous freshwater, brackish, and salt marsh restoration projects around Humboldt Bay, including: the Bayshore Mall Mitigation, the Bracut Marsh, McDaniel Slough, Wood Creek, Martin Slough, PG&E Power Generating Station at Buhne Pt., and the Elk River Wildlife Area mitigation projects. NRS’s role ranges from project partner coordination, to design and permitting, to implementation and oversight, and project monitoring.  

Related Projects

NRS received a grant through the CDFW Fisheries Restoration Grant Program to design year-round rearing habitat for juvenile salmonids in the lower Ryan Creek watershed.

NRS received a grant through the CDFW Fisheries Restoration Grant Program to design high flow refugia for juvenile salmonids in Jacoby Creek.

The Wood Creek Tidal Marsh Enhancement Project (the project) is located in Humboldt County, on the northern coast of California in the Freshwater Creek drainage of the Humboldt Bay watershed.

Martin Slough is part of the Elk River watershed, which feeds into Humboldt Bay, and has been identified by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as playing a key role in the life cycle of

Freshwater off channel habitat for CDFW FRGP

RCAA received a grant from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Fisheries Restoration Grants Program (FRGP) to implement a restoration project to provide habitat enhancements and i