Samoa Peninsula Community Building Initiative

Project Dates: 
Funding Organizations: 
St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund
Cooperating Agencies: 
Samoa Peninsula Fire District, MCSD, Manila Community Resource Center, Peninsula Union School, Redwood Coast Montessori

The St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund aims to improve access to quality health care, food, shelter, and other aspects of social well-being for the most vulnerable in our communities. Community Building Initiatives help communities work collaboratively with their neighbors and leaders on meaningful issues and bring their vision to reality. RCAA has been providing staff support to the Peninsula Community Collaborative (PCC), a resident-based community group comprised of residents from Manila, Samoa, and Fairhaven. The group meets monthly to share ideas, develop solutions, seek support, and put plans into action with the goal of improving well-being and safety on the Samoa Peninsula.

The PCC has been focusing on improving safety and access for walking and bicycling across the Peninsula, improving the physical image of the Peninsula Community, and strengthening community connections to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and safety concerns.