PALCO Marsh Interpretive Trail

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Project Leads

Funding Organizations: 
Caltrans Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program
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City of Eureka
California State Coastal Conservancy
PALCO Marsh Interpretive Trail, Eureka, California

This half mile interpretive trail parallels PALCO Marsh, accessed from Del Norte Street in Eureka, California. Trail enhancements and amenities (signage, benches, picnic tables) were completed and installed in October 2014.

This project included both trail enhancements and amenity upgrades.  The half-mile trail corridor was covered with shale and four viewing platforms were designed alongside the trail. Viewing platforms host either a picnic table or a bench and all of them feature interpretive signage.  Signage topics include birdlife of the mudflats, tidal flow restoration efforts, native salt marsh plants, and coastal willow patches. A kiosk (in the same design as the Hikshari’ Trail kiosks, south) was installed in the Del Norte Street parking area and features map and trail information in addition to rail and historic uses in and around the PALCO Marsh area.