Susannah Ferson Manning

Projects Coordinator

Susannah has nearly 20 years of experience in aquatic and terrestrial biology in Humboldt County. She has worked in a variety of coastal habitats and has a particular interest in estuarine ecology research, climate change adaptability, and habitat restoration. Susannah has successfully managed and/or participated in projects including all aspects of fisheries habitat restoration and monitoring, eelgrass/estuarine ecological research and monitoring, endangered species monitoring and habitat conservation, invasive species research and removal, and watershed restoration projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Susannah has collaborated with a variety of agencies and landowners including federal, state, county and tribal governments to design and implement research and restoration projects. She currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for Friends of the Dunes and chairs the Humboldt Weed Management Area and the Humboldt County Regional Spartina Eradication Program working group, and participates in the Humboldt Bay Initiative work group. Susannah has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and a M.S. in Natural Resource Management.