Emily Sinkhorn

NRS Director (707) 269-2061

Emily has a broad range of expertise and passion for functional transportation systems, natural resources and community-led change. To each project she brings her experience in community outreach, active transportation planning and policy, and project management. Emily manages many diverse projects in the Active Living program including trail planning, Safe Routes to School, community organizing, bicycle education and community gardens. Emily consistently works with a broad range of agency personnel, educators, and grassroots groups and fosters effective partnerships through these communications. She is successful at bringing together diverse groups of people and finding common themes for productive collaboration. Emily is a League Certified Bicycling Instructor and graduate of the Cascadia Leadership Program.

Morguine Sefcik

Projects Coordinator (707) 269-2057

Morguine has worked in a variety of planning, community outreach, watershed, and stormwater projects at NRS since 2001. She helped develop and implement NRS’ first stormwater projects, the North Coast Stormwater Coalition’s (NCSC) Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Program and the NCSC’s Low Impact Development Pilot Project.  She has worked collaboratively with local and state government agencies (State of CA; Counties of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Del Norte; Cities of Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Fort Bragg; Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District), non-profit groups, community groups, private landowners, and educational institutions.  Morguine has a B.A. in Biology from Mills College and is a member of the NCSC.

Denise Newman

Projects Coordinator (707) 269-2060

Denise has been planning, developing and implementing natural resource interpretation and environmental education projects since 2002. Her interpretive signage projects include Humboldt County's Hammond Coastal Trail, BLM's Falk Headwaters Trail, City of Eureka's Hikshari' Trail, PALCO Marsh Trail and Sequoia Park Zoo Watershed Heroes Exhibit, Northcoast Regional Land Trust's Freshwater Farms Nature Trail and the most recent sections of the City of Eureka's Waterfront Trail. As an environmental educator, she develops grant-funded projects to bring watershed education into K-12 classrooms; from stormwater-focused 'Adopt a Storm Drain' cleanups to sea level rise climate science. She is currently working as an Environmental Literacy coach with the Humboldt County Office of Education and leading interpretive waterfront bike tours with youth groups through her 'Bikes on the Bay' project. Denise has a M.S. in Natural Resources Interpretation and Planning from Humboldt State University and works extensively with educators, environmental scientists, biologists and historians to deliver the most relevant and accurate natural and cultural stories of our area.

Susannah Ferson

Projects Coordinator (707) 269-2058

Susannah has 20 years of experience working in aquatic and terrestrial biology in Humboldt County. Her experience includes watershed and fisheries habitat restoration, eelgrass/estuarine ecological research, endangered species monitoring and habitat conservation, and invasive species research and removal. Susannah has collaborated extensively with a variety of agencies and landowners – including federal, state, county and tribal governments – to design and implement diverse research and restoration projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has particular interest in estuarine ecology research, climate change adaptability, and habitat restoration. In addition to her project management duties, Susannah also manages the Restoration Field Crew. She currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for Friends of the Dunes and chairs the Humboldt Weed Management Area and the Humboldt County Regional Spartina Eradication Program working group, and participates in the Humboldt Bay Initiative work group. Susannah has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and a M.S. in Natural Resource Management.

Jennifer Weiss

Projects Coordinator (707) 269-2062

Jenny is a graduate of Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources Planning and Interpretation. Since 2009, Jenny has been managing non-motorized transportation projects to support active living throughout Humboldt County and has considerable experience with Safe Routes to School, trail, and multimodal projects. She leads walkability assessments and bike rodeos, provides meeting facilitation, works to develop policy to support active transportation, and excels at creating engaging public participation graphics, materials, brochures, banners, and maps, including the Humboldt Bay Area Bicycle Map. She has also assisted tribes, local cities, and the County of Humboldt with preparing successful Active Transportation Program grant applications and non-infrastructure programs during Cycles 1, 2, 3, and 4. Jenny completed the Cascadia Leadership Training, the National Charrette Institute Certification Training, Designing for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety OTS Training, Bicycle Traffic Skills 101, PICO’s Community Organizing Training, and was a Eureka City Schools Apple Pin recipient in 2017. 

Natalie Arroyo

Senior Planner (707) 269-2059

Natalie has been working on environmental health, community outreach, fisheries restoration and planning projects since 2005. She has led and supported projects in both the Active Living and Watershed programs of NRS, including the North Coast Stormwater Coalition’s Non-Point Source Pollution Prevention Program, the Eureka Street Trees program, Loleta Community-building Initiative, Mad River Watershed Management Plan, and many more. Natalie is particularly interested in projects that involve community engagement as well as a connection between environmental and human health and balance. She is a graduate of the Cascadia Leadership Training program. Natalie is also the Board Vice-President of the Humboldt Trails Council and a board member and Secretary of the Salmonid Restoration Federation.

Carla Avila-Martinez

Planner (707) 269-2055

Carla is currently supporting multiple NRS projects including the Peninsula Community Collaborative, WCB Invasive Species Early Detection and Management, Bikes on the Bay, Arcata Annie and Mary Trail Connectivity Project, and more. Carla is a Humboldt State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis in ecological restoration. Carla also minored in Watershed Management, Soil Science, and Geography. She has experience in community outreach, classroom education, and is bilingual. Carla translates materials to Spanish and interprets for NRS RCAA as needed. Carla is a graduate of the Coastal Naturalist Training Program. She also serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for Friends of the Dunes. Carla enjoys supporting healthier communities and environments in Humboldt County through her project work.

Marisa Formosa

Planner (707) 269-2065

Marisa has over a decade of experience working on community-based restoration, conservation and stewardship projects. She worked many years with the Whitethorn-based land and water trust Sanctuary Forest, where she led education, outreach and development efforts centered on stream and forest restoration, habitat enhancement, and land management and conservation. At NRS Marisa is using her experience with restoration and passion for community work to support projects in both the Watershed Services Program and the Active Living Program. Marisa has a BA in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a MA in Social Science, Environment and Community from Humboldt State University.

Matt Drummond

Garden Planner (707) 269-2071

Matt graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fisheries Biology. He pursued work in the fisheries field, surveying steams and rivers throughout California. Just recently he switched gears towards a career focused on community health. He started his work in the community as a Nutrition Education Coordinator for Food for People, promoting CalFresh and healthy eating county-wide. Matt now helps others gain the skills they need to start their own gardens. He is also the Coordinator of the North Coast Community Garden Collaborative (NCCGC), a network of community gardeners that work together to plan events, start new garden, and improve existing gardens. Outside of work, you can find Matt on local rivers and trails, fishing, hiking and mushroom hunting. He also spends countless hours in his garden and in his kitchen cooking. 


Lisa Murphy

Administrative Coordinator (707) 269-2066

Lisa comes to NRS from a diverse background that includes civic, private sector and non-profit work. She completed her BA in Criminology and Justice Studies from Humboldt State University in 2020, and plans to pursue a MA in Neuro-criminology. She has great appreciation for the natural splendor Humboldt has to offer, and is excited to join the NRS team and contribute to the mission of supporting healthy communities and healthy watersheds. When not at work or pursuing new degrees, Lisa can be found reading, writing, hiking, learning to cook new dishes, and camping with good friends.